Counterfeit detector – EURO


Have you already acquired a euro counterfeit detector? The euro is a desirable currency for counterfeiters since it is widely recognized as a stable currency with low inflation rates. Counterfeiters like the EUR 20 banknote the most, followed by the EUR 50.  According to the ECB (2022), they represent two-thirds of all fake currency [...]

Counterfeit detector – EURO2023-08-07T11:29:54+02:00

ANKER Cash Drawers and Cassettes for the EURO


As of January 1 2023, Croatia is expected to introduce the euro as its new national currency. In cooperation with our partner ANKER, we offer professional solutions for cash management compatible with the euro currency. ANKER cash cassettes and cash drawers provide an ideal layout with practical volume for the euro [...]

ANKER Cash Drawers and Cassettes for the EURO2023-02-27T00:48:02+01:00
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