POINTER Fiscal is a software “middleware” solution for online fiscalization.

  • Supports software fiscalization
  • Available for several countries

  • Various deployment models supported (standalone POS, store server, enterprise server)
  • Simple integration of retail solutions (POS)


POINTER Fiscal SDK is a software development kit (SDK) implementing fiscalization services.

  • Supports software (“online”) fiscalization
  • Intended for integration into standard POS solutions
  • Supports multiple countries
  • Simple API for easy implementation

Retail Management

POINTER Store Analytics

POINTER Store Analytics is a software solution that implements data analytics for store-specific sales, control and management information.

The implementation of the Store Analytics solution includes components for data export, transformation, transfer and centralized data processing, as well as system configuration.

  • Centralized database for sales, control and management information
  • Data download from various sources and formats (project, POSLOG, E-Journal, OPI protocols, …)
  • Standard and customized reports in different templates and formats
  • Simple integration of the client component into standard POS software solutions
  • Using open standards for data

Customer Engagement


POINTER Prize is a software solution that implements data collection and processing services for retail competitions (prize draws).

The solution enables the acceptance of participants’ applications via multiple interfaces (SMS, Web), and the integration with the selected retail solution for verification of competition entries and participant notication on competition status.

  • Simultaneous application of several retail competitions (prize draws)
  • Wide range of supported competition types
  • Acceptance of participant applications via multiple interfaces (SMS, Web)
  • Delivery of status information to participants via e-mail, SMS
  • Import of sales data from different import formats (POSLOG, customized)

Enterprise Management

POINTER Intrastat

POINTER Intrastat is a business solution for reporting in the Intrastat system for collecting data on trade between member countries of the European Union (EU).

The solution is intended for all companies that are obliged to report Intrastat data, and includes the functions of entering and changing data on the goods that are the subject of reporting, the option of importing data on the movement of goods from the ERP system, and reporting (data export) in formats for data exchange with the Intrastat system of the Customs administration.

  • Data entry on receipt/shipment of goods
  • Creation of Intrastat forms
  • Information about products/items
  • Data on business partners and reporting units
  • Information on customs tariffs and exchange rates