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How to manage inventory with ESL?


Inventory Management: The Challenge Today, a good number of retailers use automated procurement systems to supply their stores. However, this process is often sub-optimal for a variety of reasons, often leading to inaccurate or incomplete inventory data. Consequently, many retailers struggle with under- or over-stocking certain products, resulting in potential lost sales or the [...]

How to manage inventory with ESL?2024-03-15T08:54:46+01:00

Fiscalization 2.0 in Croatia


Fiscalization 2.0 is a project of the Croatian Ministry of Finance (Tax Administration), to implement a system for cashless payment via e-Invoice with an integrated e-archive and advanced online bookkeeping in the VAT system. According to the announcement of the activity plan, the project should be concluded in December 2024, and its end product [...]

Fiscalization 2.0 in Croatia2024-03-15T08:16:02+01:00

New service points in Croatia!


We are pleased to announce the expansion of our service network in Croatia through the opening of new service points in the cities of Pula and Dubrovnik. The new service points represent our commitment to providing great service to clients and partners in Croatia and Slovenia. The expansion implies an increase in qualified service [...]

New service points in Croatia!2024-03-15T07:49:17+01:00
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