A universal mounting product, FlexiGrip can support any card payment technology and is ideal for retailers who may wish to change their payment technology frequently, maintain their independence in terms of their choice of payment machine or who are unsure on their choice of payment machine at the current time or in the future.

The FlexiGrip holds almost any payment machine and has an attractive shape with a small lip at the foot of the mounting platform to support the PED and foam ‘grippers’ housed in strong ‘arms’ formed from moulded plastic. The FlexiGrip Duo Lock is also available offering an extra firm grip for larger payment machines, just contact us for more details


  • Universal Design
  • Support for any card payment technology
  • Easy assembly


Name FlexiGrip
Manufacturer ENS Group, USA
Length 19.7 cm
Width min 9.9cm – max 14.3cm
Depth 7 cm
Weight 187 gm
Material ABS
Model Standard or Duolock