PC-compatible keyboard with POS-specific function keys.

The keyboard is and remains the preferred input medium for computers, even in the age of highly modern information technology. This also applies for the electronic POS terminal. The itemized scanning of goods by optical readers using a barcode saves the effort of manually typing in product numbers and prices, yet does not eliminate the need for a keyboard. Program control and alphanumeric data input are still performed via the keyboard.


  • 115/116 (US) keys
  • 62/63 (US) alphanumerical
  • 17 numeric (numeric block)
  • 36 configurable / programmable
  • Function keys (1-,2-, 4-way keys)
  • Key lock: 6 positions
  • Main application area: screen POS solutions


Name/Label TA58P
Manufacturer Diebold Nixdorf, USA
Key Mechanism Plastic contact foil with contact mat
Key Caps / Number (Max.)
– Alphanumerical
– Numerical
– Function Keys
63/62 (US)
Programmable Key Code Yes
System-Leds Num lock, shift lock, scroll lock
System Interface PS/2-mini-DIN connector (6-pin.)
Interface for 2nd Keyboard Yes
Magnetic Card Reader 3- track magnetic card reader, ISO tracks 1, 2 and 3 to ISO 3554
Key Lock  6 positions (home position, 4 x customer, 1 x service)
Adaptable Displays BA63, BA66, BA69
Power Requirement 5 V, max. 140 mA
Dimensions (WxDxH) 316 x 207 x 56 mm
(12.45 x 8.15 x 2.2 inches)