The ANKER Cash & Carry cash box CCC has the base, outer housing and money insert made of galvanised sheet steel, that together with the stainless steel lid literally forms a closed unit.

The CCC does not need a key at all. The opening of the outer housing is controlled exclusively via the POS system. There is no lock. A lock can also be dispensed with inside, as the lid of the money insert is secured by a magnet after it has been removed from the housing. The coin and note compartments in the tray are placed on the left or right side of the cassette as required. The cash box insert has eight coin compartments.


  • Removable outer cassette: a plus in cleanliness
  • Cover of the outer cassette completely made of stainless steel
  • Inner cassette with integrated lid made of metal
  • Separate base plate
  • Easy service due to detachable cable


Name/Label CCC
Manufacturer Anker, Germany
Locking Eletronic, key
Note Compartment 4
Coin Compartment 8
Key Yes
Tension 24 V
Color RAL 7045
Dimensions 484.6 x 168 x 103 mm
Weight 8.4 kg
Material Galvanised steel / stainless steel lid