POINTER Ticketing is a software solution for ticketing in the transportation and tourism sector, at tourist or excursion agencies, and bus or ship line operators.

  • Comprehensive management of travel lines, allotments, ticket types and additional services

  • User interface is adapted for compact POS systems with touch display

  • Business reporting through Web interface

  • Optional verification of ticket issuing by means of mobile terminal (PPC)


  • Extensive selection of business functions
  • High system reliability
  • Travel lines
  • Booking allotments
  • Tickets and additional services
  • Trip reservations
  • Ticket sales
  • Cash balancing
  • Reporting through web interface
  • Optional ticket issuing control by means of mobile terminal (PPC)
  • Client/server architecture
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Support for POS systems with touch display
  • Platform: MS Windows 7/POSReady 2009/2008