One Time Link is a security software solution for encrypting and sharing sensitive data over the Internet.

  • Encryption of data using unique encryption key

  • Encrypted data content is kept in RAM (no storage, no database!)

  • Supports encryption of data in diverse formats (plain text, binary files)

  • Data encryption using xSalsa20 stream cipher

  • Data authentication using Poly1305 message authentication code

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  • Data encryption is essential to securing enterprise information
  • Encryption can be compromised by diverse threats, such as brute force attacks or malware, when encryption keys are stored locally or co-located with data, and on non-volatile storage (hard drives, SSD)
  • Examples of security issues:
    • Collaboration platforms (e.g. Gmail, WhatsApp) commonly provide secure end-to-end encrypted communication, but still leave sensitive data in plain text once it arrives to a selected destination
    • Retrieval of data stored on a cloud communication service does not affect it’s storage, and data is left in an unchanged state
    • In office environment, accessing unattended devices compromises security as correspondence with sensitive data may be observed


  1. Upon instancing, One Time Link creates a unique encryption key, and stores it along with the encrypted data in random access memory (RAM)
  2. Encryption key is unknown to operator or administrator and cannot be recovered
  3. One Time Link does not create a footprint on any storage device
  4. Kernel-level immutability is enforced to ensure that the operation of the solution is impervious to data tampering or illegal access
  5. After data decryption, data is overwritten with cryptographically secure random bytes, and additionally overwritten with zeros
  6. Unique one-time link can be used only once!


HR/Human resource management send employee information

  • employee number
  • employee PIN
  • work contract
  • payroll sheet…
Social services
  • send personal tax number
  • social security number…
Medical services
  • send patient medical data
  • prescription for medication…
Commerce send sensitive commercial document

  • quotation
  • contract…
  • send user access code and password
  • software license key…