POINTER Intrastat is a software solution for reporting in the Intrastat system for collecting information and producing statistics on the trade in goods between countries of the European Union (EU).

The solution is intended for all businesses under obligation to declare Intrastat information, and includes data registration functions, optional import of goods movements data from an ERP system, and reporting in data formats used in information exchange with the Customs Administration.

  • Simple management of data on trade of goods

  • XML-based data exchange with ERP system

  • Client/server architecture enables use on multiple workstations


  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Easy solution adaptations according to user requirements
  • Registration of data on trade of goods (arrivals/dispatches)
  • Creation of Intrastat form
  • Data import from ERP system
  • Data on goods/items/products
  • Data on commodity codes and reporting units
  • Data on customs tariffs and exchange rates
  • XML-based data exchange with ERP systems
  • Client/server architecture
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Platform: MS Windows XP/7/W2003/W2008