How to manage inventory with ESL?


Inventory Management: The Challenge Today, a good number of retailers use automated procurement systems to supply their stores. However, this process is often sub-optimal for a variety of reasons, often leading to inaccurate or incomplete inventory data. Consequently, many retailers struggle with under- or over-stocking certain products, resulting in potential lost sales or the [...]

How to manage inventory with ESL?2024-03-15T08:54:46+01:00

Fiscalization 2.0 in Croatia


Fiscalization 2.0 is a project of the Croatian Ministry of Finance (Tax Administration), to implement a system for cashless payment via e-Invoice with an integrated e-archive and advanced online bookkeeping in the VAT system. According to the announcement of the activity plan, the project should be concluded in December 2024, and its end product [...]

Fiscalization 2.0 in Croatia2024-03-15T08:16:02+01:00

New service points in Croatia!


We are pleased to announce the expansion of our service network in Croatia through the opening of new service points in the cities of Pula and Dubrovnik. The new service points represent our commitment to providing great service to clients and partners in Croatia and Slovenia. The expansion implies an increase in qualified service [...]

New service points in Croatia!2024-03-15T07:49:17+01:00

10 Things to Consider Before Investing in an ESL Solution


1. In-store optimization ESLs are helpful tools for streamlining operations and streamlining in-store activity. Enumerate potential uses for enhancing the employee experience, and confirm that the selected supplier can support each and every one of these. 2. Scalability Select a system that is adaptable and can expand with [...]

10 Things to Consider Before Investing in an ESL Solution2023-12-05T10:34:13+01:00

New version of POINTER Fiscal ESDC


Our Dev Team successfully completed the accreditation procedure with the Tax Administration in Serbia for the new version of our fiscalization software solution "POINTER Fiscal ESDC". The "POINTER Fiscal ESDC" is a customized solution intended for use in the Republic of Serbia, which implements the software "External Sales Data Controller" (E-SDC/L-PFR). The new version [...]

New version of POINTER Fiscal ESDC2023-08-07T11:32:59+02:00

Counterfeit detector – EURO


Have you already acquired a euro counterfeit detector? The euro is a desirable currency for counterfeiters since it is widely recognized as a stable currency with low inflation rates. Counterfeiters like the EUR 20 banknote the most, followed by the EUR 50.  According to the ECB (2022), they represent two-thirds of all fake currency [...]

Counterfeit detector – EURO2023-08-07T11:29:54+02:00

New strategic partnership with CCL TECH!


We proudly announce POINTER and CCL Tech have signed a partnership deal for advanced self-checkout, kiosk and POS services! Together, we aim to bring the finest technology and strong expertise for better retail and hospitality solutions. CCL Tech has been founded in 2013 Qingdao, China. CCL Tech is the 4th largest [...]

New strategic partnership with CCL TECH!2023-02-27T00:48:01+01:00

New strategic partnership with PRICER!


We proudly announce a new strategic partnership between POINTER and Pricer for the distribution and implementation of electronic shelf label solutions (ESL) for the Croatian market! Pricer AB, founded in Sweden in 1991, is the global leader in providing in-store digital shelf-edge solutions that enhance both store performance and the shopping [...]

New strategic partnership with PRICER!2023-02-27T00:48:01+01:00

Investing more in R&D as a part of our key strategic guidelines for 2021


What is R&D? Research and development (R&D) are innovative activities undertaken by private businesses, corporations or governments to develop new or improve existing products or services. The difference between R&D and the majority of business activities is that it carries greater risk, it isn't intended to yield instant profit [...]

Investing more in R&D as a part of our key strategic guidelines for 20212023-02-27T00:48:03+01:00

POINTER’s 25th Birthday!


POINTER's 25th Birthday! 25 years ago, we started with one computer and an idea to develop solutions for the retail. Today, we can proudly state that our business success is based on a wide product and services portfolio for diverse industries, and a strong focus on long-term business relationships [...]

POINTER’s 25th Birthday!2020-05-07T10:08:01+02:00
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