Retail Management

POINTER Store Analytics

POINTER Store Analytics is a software solution implementing data analytics services for retail-specific sales, control and management information.

  • Centralised database for performance data provided by front-end/POS applications

  • Standard and customised reports for detailed insight into store operations

  • Integration capability allows use of analytics data in ERP and BI solutions

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Customer Engagement

POINTER Ticketing

POINTER Ticketing is a software solution for ticketing in the transportation and tourism sector, at tourist or excursion agencies, and bus or ship line operators.

  • Comprehensive management of travel lines, allotments, ticket types and additional services

  • User interface is adapted for compact POS systems with touch display

  • Business reporting through Web interface

  • Optional verification of ticket issuing by means of mobile terminal (PPC)

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POINTER Prize is a software solution for implementing data collection and processing services for retail competitions (prize draws).

  • Multiple competitions with different competition types

  • Multiple interfaces for collection of participant entries (SMS, Web)

  • Sales receipt data imported from different formats (POSLOG, custom)

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Fiscalisation Solutions


POINTER Fiscal is a software solution implementing services for online/software fiscalisation.

  • Solution for software fiscalisation

  • Multiple implementation models supported

  • Available for multiple countries

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POINTER Fiscal SDK is a software development kit implementing fiscalisation services for integration into 3rd-party retail solutions.

  • Designed for software fiscalisation

  • Simple base API for easy integration

  • Available for multiple countries

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Enterprise Management

POINTER Intrastat

POINTER Intrastat is a software solution for reporting in the Intrastat system for collecting information and producing statistics on the trade in goods between countries of the European Union (EU).

  • Simple management of data on trade of goods

  • XML-based data exchange with ERP system

  • Client/server architecture enables use on multiple workstations

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